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Zach Bryan Tour Schedule and Cities: 2024’s Must-See Concerts

Country music has been graced with yet another promising tour as Zach Bryan hits the road in 2024. The much-anticipated journey has been creating a buzz among country music enthusiasts, eager to catch the heartfelt performances of the renowned singer-songwriter. With a series of concerts lined up, fans across the United States and Canada can experience Zach Bryan’s raw and passionate style live.

Securing your spot at a Zach Bryan concert is more than just striking off an item on your bucket list; it’s about immersing yourself in a community where storytelling meets melody. The tour showcases his latest work and celebrates his musical journey with fans who’ve been there from the start. Whether it’s the intimacy of the lyrics or the energy of the live performance, attendees are in for an authentic display of Americana craftsmanship.

Tour Announcement

Zach Bryan has made headlines with the announcement of his 2024 tour dates, creating a buzz among fans eager to catch his live performances.

Release of Dates

The tour dates for 2024 have been officially released, signaling an exciting time for enthusiasts of Zach Bryan’s music. You can join the ticket waitlist to secure a spot at one of the upcoming shows. Notably, a performance is scheduled for the Prudential Center on Thursday, March 14, 2024, in Newark, NJ. Keep an eye on Zach Bryan’s tour page for a complete schedule and see if new shows are added.

Social Media Posts

Zach Bryan took to social media to stir excitement around the tour. His posts provide snippets of what fans can expect, further amplified by user engagement and anticipation growing across platforms. You might want to check his official social media handles for direct communications and updates from the artist himself.

Press Releases

Media outlets such as Rolling Stone and ABC News have featured articles detailing the upcoming 2024 tour, The Quittin’ Time Tour. These press releases include additional insights into the tour schedule, collaborators, and what this tour means for Zach Bryan’s career. Notably, this tour follows the release of his recent album, marking a significant stepping stone in his journey as a country music artist.

Tour Schedule

Zach Bryan’s 2024 tour will bring his powerful live performances to fans across various locations. Check out his tour schedule to catch him live.

Ticket Information

Zach Bryan’s upcoming tour generates excitement; obtaining tickets is a primary concern for fans. You’ll want to pay close attention to pricing, sale dates, and authorized purchase outlets.


Ticket prices for Zach Bryan’s concerts vary depending on the venue and seating options. For instance, prices at the Bryce Jordan Center start at $121, but premium seating options will cost more.

Sale Dates

To secure your spot at one of Zach Bryan’s shows, be aware of the presale registration period through AEG Presents and the general public sale dates. Check Zach Bryan’s official tour page for the most accurate sale dates, and join the ticket waitlist for any additional ticket releases.

Purchase Outlets

Tickets can be bought from several authentic outlets, including:

  • Official Zach Bryan Tour Website: Find all the tour dates and links for ticket purchases here.
  • Ticketmaster: They manage some of the venue ticketing, and you can find information about Zach Bryan’s tour on their blog.
  • Live Nation: Explore upcoming shows and purchase tickets through Live Nation’s website.
  • SeatGeek: For a quick purchase, visit SeatGeek’s platform, where tickets are listed with clear pricing and seating choices.


You can bring a piece of the experience home when attending a Zach Bryan concert. Official merchandise is a popular part of the concert-going experience, and Zach Bryan’s team ensures that fans can access various items to commemorate their live event.

Available Merchandise:

  • Clothing: From T-shirts to hoodies, an array of apparel options features tour-specific designs. Visit the Zach Bryan Shop to see the full range of clothing options.
  • Accessories: Complete your look with hats, bandanas, and other accessories sporting the Zach Bryan brand. These stylish keepsakes are also available.
  • Music: Vinyl collectors and music enthusiasts can purchase Zach Bryan’s recordings. Check out his Music and Vinyls for the latest releases.
  • Limited Edition Items: For something more exclusive, look for limited edition merchandise, which often includes signed memorabilia or tour-specific products.
Item TypeDescriptionAvailability
ApparelT-shirts, hoodies, and more with unique designs.Zach Bryan Official Store
AccessoriesHats, bandanas, and other collectibles.Zach Bryan Official Store
MusicAlbums in vinyl and other formats.Merch Section on Official Site
Limited EditionSpecial items like signed posters or flags.At Venue / Official Store

It’s wise to check availability and purchase early, especially for exclusive or limited-run items, as they sell out quickly. For those looking forward to the 2024 tour, consider joining the ticket waitlist at the Tour Section to receive updates on merchandise and other tour-related details. Remember, merchandise also makes for a thoughtful gift for the Zach Bryan fan in your life.

Fan Experiences

Attending a Zach Bryan concert offers more than just the music; it’s an opportunity for memorable fan interactions. The tour features various fan experiences, including personal meet-and-greets and VIP package options, each crafted to enhance your concert-going experience.

Meet and Greets

You can get up close and personal with Zach Bryan during the tour. These sessions allow for a face-to-face encounter, where you can have items signed, take photos, and briefly interact with the artist. Availability is typically limited, so booking early is recommended if you’re interested.

VIP Packages

For an even more exclusive experience, consider the VIP packages on offer. These can include premium seating, merchandise, and potentially early access to the venue. Depending on the package you select, you might also enjoy other unique perks like attending soundchecks or receiving autographed memorabilia.

Zach Bryan Profile

In this section, you’ll learn about the American country music artist Zach Bryan, his work, and the accolades he’s received.


Zach Bryan hails from Oologah, Oklahoma, and is known for his songs’ emotional depth and storytelling. Born on April 2, 1996, he began gaining attention through uploads of his music on social media, which resonated with many for their authenticity and heartfelt lyrics. His rise in the country music scene is a testament to his raw talent and dedication to the craft.


Zach Bryan has notable discography includes his major-label debut album, American Heartbreak. His records showcase a passion for traditional country music infused with a modern edge. His songs, including “I Remember Everything”, have been praised for their lyrical honesty and have earned him a dedicated following.

  • Studio Albums:
    • American Heartbreak (2022)
  • Popular Tracks:
    • “I Remember Everything”
    • “Heading South”
    • “God Speed”

Awards and Achievements

Having made a significant mark on the country music landscape, Zach Bryan has collected several achievements. His album American Heartbreak not only entered the U.S. Billboard 200 at number five but also saw one of its tracks rise to even greater prominence. In 2024, Zach Bryan received a Grammy, a pinnacle in his burgeoning career, which endorses his talent and contributions to music. His concerts, like the one announced at the Prudential Center on March 14, 2024, continue to draw large crowds, indicative of his ever-growing popularity.

Safety and Regulations

Safety and adherence to health regulations are paramount during Zach Bryan’s concerts. Please familiarize yourself with specific security measures and COVID-19 protocols for a secure and enjoyable experience.

Venue Security

Before attending the concert, you must be aware of the security procedures at the venue. All guests are subject to a thorough security screening, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Bag Checks: Only certain types of bags may be permitted.
  • Metal Detectors: Walk-through or handheld scanners will be used.
  • Prohibited Items: Weapons, giant umbrellas, and illegal substances are strictly forbidden.

Plan to arrive early to allow sufficient time for this process.

Media Coverage

Zach Bryan’s 2024 tour has captured significant media attention, offering insightful reviews and interviews that underline his rapid rise in the music industry.

Concert Reviews

  • In the New York Times, he discussed how Zach Bryan’s performances resonated with his audience, emphasizing his country-rock style and the palpable connection with his fans.
  • Rolling Stone provided an overview of Zach Bryan’s 2024 tour dates, mentioning the energy of his shows and the positive reception across various cities.


  • Through various platforms, Bryan has been candid about his musical journey and the stories behind his songs, with outlets such as Consequence offering insights from “The Quitting Time Tour.”
  • Billboard explored the tour’s lineup, which includes notable appearances by Jason Isbell and Sheryl Crow, providing an additional layer of depth to the story behind Bryan’s current tour.

After Tour Summary

Zach Bryan’s 2024 tour was an event that echoed across various media with notable highlights, robust social engagement, and critical acclaim.

Tour Highlights

  • Newark Concert: You might have been one of the many fans who gathered on March 14, 2024, at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. This event was a significant highlight, marked by Bryan’s heartfelt performances. As more dates and tickets are anticipated, join the ticket waitlist for future shows.
  • Setlist Favorites: Songs like “Overtime” and “God Speed” were standout moments in the Quittin Time Tour setlist, resonating deeply with you and other audience members.

Social Media Reactions

  • Fan Engagement: You’ve seen #ZachBryanTour trending on Twitter, with countless fans sharing videos and quotes from the concerts. The emotional response was overwhelming.
  • Instagram Highlights: Photos and stories under #QuittinTimeTour showcased tour moments that you often described as “unforgettable” and “electrifying.”

Critical Reception

  • Album Support: Critics highlighted how the tour bolstered the recognition of Zach Bryan’s self-titled album. More dates were added due to high demand, illustrating the tour’s success. Read more on Rolling Stone.
  • Performance Reviews: The United Center in Chicago particularly stood out, with performances described as powerful showcases of his more robust catalog, and the New York Times named the Quitting Time Tour a Critic’s Pick, signifying a solid endorsement from the publication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zach Bryan’s tour information is highly sought after, with fans eager to catch live performances. Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding his tour.

How can I purchase tickets for Zach Bryan’s shows?

Tickets for Zach Bryan’s concerts can be purchased on platforms like SeatGeek and Vivid Seats.

Which cities will Zach Bryan be performing in during his tour?

The Quittin Time Tour will see Zach Bryan perform across North America, with confirmed locations like Chicago. Check out Zach Bryan’s tour page for the complete list of cities.

What is the best way to find official tour information for Zach Bryan?

The best source for official tour information is Zach Bryan’s website, which offers updates, ticketing information, and more.

Are there any VIP packages available for Zach Bryan’s live performances?

For the availability of VIP packages, it’s advisable to monitor official ticket-selling platforms and Zach Bryan’s official channels for announcements.

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