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Noah Kahan Tour Schedule: Dates and Venues for 2024 Shows

Indie-folk singer Noah Kahan is again hitting the road, bringing his deeply personal lyrics and catchy melodies to a stage near you. The Vermont native has steadily risen in popularity thanks to his relatable songwriting and engaging live performances. Known for his ability to connect with fans through his music, Kahan’s tours have become anticipated events for those who have followed his journey from small-town troubadour to mainstream success.

The “We’ll All Be Here Forever Tour” marks Noah Kahan’s latest venture across various cities, offering fans new and old a chance to experience his latest album live. Tickets for the tour are now available, and with venues lined up across key cities, it’s shaping up to be an immersive experience for attendees. From intimate lyrics to soaring choruses, a Noah Kahan concert is not just about the music but also the shared feeling of community and connection in his performances.

Tour Announcement

If you’re a fan of Noah Kahan, you’ll be delighted to know that he has officially announced his 2024 We’ll All Be Here Forever Tour across North America. After his sold-out tours in 2022 and 2023, expectations are high for yet another series of compelling performances.

The tour will kick off on Tuesday, March 26th, 2024, in Vancouver, BC, at the notable Rogers Arena. The schedule includes 32 dates spanning numerous cities, including Toronto, Montreal, and Nashville. For a full list of tour dates and venues, it’s worth visiting Noah Kahan’s official tour page.

Tickets have already gone on sale, and you can get yours through reputable ticket outlets such as Ticketmaster or Live Nation.

This latest tour supports Noah Kahan’s continued rise to prominence in the folk-pop genre with his honest lyrics and captivating melodies. The live performances are also anticipated to feature songs from his acclaimed albums, offering a mix of fan favorites and fresh tracks. For the best experience, early ticket booking is recommended, as his shows tend to sell out quickly.

Tour Dates

Noah Kahan’s tour is hitting multiple locations across the globe, inviting you to experience his music live. Review the subsections below for specifics on tour dates in each region.

North American Leg

The North American leg of Noah Kahan’s tour includes performances in major cities. Mark your calendars for these not-to-be-missed concerts:

  • Vancouver, BC: March 26th at Rogers Arena
  • Toronto, ON: April 5th at Scotiabank Arena
  • Montreal, QC: April 8th at Bell Centre
  • Nashville, TN: April 20th at Ryman Auditorium

Find additional dates and locations at Noah Kahan Tour

European Leg

Embarking on the European leg, you’ll have the chance to join Noah Kahan in a variety of venues:

  • Paris, France: May 12th at Le Bataclan
  • Berlin, Germany: May 16th at Columbiahalle
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands: May 20th at Paradiso
  • London, UK: May 23rd at The O2 Arena

Visit Noah Kahan Tickets – Buy Tickets

Australia and New Zealand Leg

Down under, the Australia and New Zealand leg awaits you with open arms:

  • Sydney, Australia: July 10th at Sydney Opera House
  • Melbourne, Australia: July 14th at Rod Laver Arena
  • Auckland, New Zealand: July 18th at Spark Arena

Additional tour details can be found on Noah Kahan Official Site.

Ticket Information

When planning to attend a Noah Kahan concert, it’s essential to be aware of the ticket-purchasing process. There are specific periods to buy tickets, such as pre-sales for early access and general sale dates for all fans. Additionally, exclusive VIP packages offer more than just a ticket to the show.

Pre-Sale Details

To secure your tickets early, look out for the pre-sale period, which requires an access code. Typically, these codes are provided to fan club members or through special promotions. Check the official Noah Kahan website to see if you could be eligible for any pre-sale offers.

General Sale Dates

For the general public, tickets become available shortly after the pre-sale concludes. Act quickly, as seats can fill up fast. For detailed sale dates and times, navigate to Ticketmaster or SeatGeek to find out when to purchase your tickets.

VIP Packages

Consider the VIP packages offered if you’re seeking an unforgettable concert experience. These often include premium seating, merchandise, and sometimes a meet-and-greet opportunity. Availability and specifics can vary, so visit platforms like Vivid Seats to explore your VIP options for the Noah Kahan tour.


Noah Kahan’s tour lineup features various venues, each offering a unique concert experience. He will perform at intimate theaters, large-scale arenas, and lively outdoor festivals.


  • Size and Ambiance: Theaters provide a more personal experience with exceptional acoustics. An example venue is the historic Beacon Theatre in New York.
  • Seating and Visibility: These venues often have tiered seating, which ensures a good view of the stage from any seat.


  • Atmosphere: Festivals provide a dynamic environment for fans to see Noah in an open-air setting.
  • Variety: During the tour, you can catch him at several festivals, and you will have the opportunity to discover various acts alongside Noah’s set.

Setlist Preview

When you attend a Noah Kahan concert on his We’ll All Be Here Forever Tour, expect a well-curated mix of old favorites and new hits. Kahan’s tour setlists have been designed to showcase his musical journey, ensuring a live experience that captures his essence as a singer-songwriter.

Notable Moments

In addition to performing his well-known singles, Kahan often delivers powerful renditions of deep cuts and fan-loved tracks like:

  1. Northern Attitude
  2. Young Blood
  3. Stick Season

Remember, each venue may experience a uniquely tailored setlist, so there’s always an element of surprise. However, the emotional resonance and lyrical depth Noah Kahan is known for will be a constant presence throughout the tour, providing you with an authentic and memorable experience.

Live Band Members

When you attend a Noah Kahan concert, you’re not just experiencing his soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics; you’re also witnessing the synchronized talent of his live band members who bring the music to life. Here’s a snapshot of the musicians who typically share the stage with Noah Kahan during his performances.

Current Band Lineup:

  • Guitarist: You’ll witness the electric energy of the lead guitarist who adds depth and vibrancy to each song with skillful riffs and chords.
  • Bassist: The band’s bassist lays down the groove, providing a rich, rhythmic foundation that underpins the musical arrangements.
  • Drummer: Feel the beat through the drummer’s dynamic performance, as they create tempo and urgency that propels the concert forward.
  • Keyboardist: Listen for the layers of melody and harmony from the keyboardist, who often doubles as a backing vocalist, adding texture to the music.
  • Backup Vocalists: These vocalists complement Noah’s voice, enriching the live sound with their harmonies and supporting vocals.

Each band member brings their unique talent and expertise to the table, resulting in a composite sound that’s both intricate and powerful. Together, they create the unforgettable live experience that fans of Noah Kahan have come to love. To get a sense of the experience and maybe plan your next concert night, you can check out Noah Kahan Tour 2023 Tickets.

Tour Merchandise

When attending a Noah Kahan concert, you have the opportunity oportunity to purchase exclusive merchandise to commemorate the experience. Typically, tour merchandise includes a range of items from clothing to memorabilia, each featuring unique designs related to Noah Kahan and his music.

Here’s what you might find at the merchandise booth:

  • T-shirts and Hoodies: Often available in various sizes, these garments may sport tour dates, album art, or custom graphics.
  • Hats and Beanies: These can be stylish ways to show your support and often feature embroidered logos or designs.
  • Vinyl Records and CDs: For the music purist, limited edition pressings or standard albums add to your collection.
  • Accessories: Items like keychains, stickers, and patches are portable mementos.

The availability of merchandise can vary by venue, so if you’re eyeing something specific, it’s best to head to the booth early. In case you miss out at the concert, you can visit the Noah Kahan Official Store for a selection of merchandise. For tour-specific items like the ‘We’ll All Be Here Forever Tour‘ collection, check out articles from media outlets such as UPROXX for previews and purchasing options.

Remember, merchandise not only serves as a great way to remember the show but also supports the artist directly. Wear your Noah Kahan gear with pride!

Supporting Acts

During your experience at the Noah Kahan concerts, you’ll be introduced to a variety of supporting acts, enhancing the show’s diversity and excitement. These artists not only complement Noah Kahan’s musical style but also bring their unique sound to the stage.

For the 2023 Stick Season Tour, audiences were treated to performances by:

  • Joy Oladokun – blending a folk-rock vibe with an emotive twist
  • Josiah and the Bonnevilles – delivering indie folk tones with a raw edge
  • Briston Maroney – known for his vibrant indie-rock music
  • Ruston Kelly – adding a touch of Americana and country to the mix

In the upcoming 2024 We’ll All Be Here Forever Tour, you can anticipate a fresh line-up of talented supporting acts. These are carefully selected to offer you a memorable and diverse musical journey, complementing Noah’s heartfelt performances. Keep an eye on the official Noah Kahan tour page for updates on who will be joining the tour. Remember to arrive early to catch these incredible artists as they set the stage for an unforgettable evening of live music.

Tour Sponsors

When you attend a Noah Kahan concert, you’re not just witnessing a musical event; you are also experiencing the support of various organizations that believe in the power of music. Tour sponsors play a critical role in ensuring that your favorite artists can travel and perform for fans around the globe.

  • Primary Sponsor: Often a tour will have a main sponsor, which could be a major brand aligned with the artist’s image or message. This sponsor will typically have a prominent presence in tour promotions and venue displays.
  • Merchandise Partners: Look out for exclusive tour merchandise created in collaboration with popular brands. These items are not only souvenirs but also a way for sponsors to connect with fans.
  • Interactive Booths: During the event, you might see interactive booths set up by tech companies or lifestyle brands. These are designed to engage you with innovative experiences and often come with freebies.
  • Local Businesses: Local sponsors get involved, especially for particular concert locations. They might offer pre-show dining deals or discounts to concertgoers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you’ll find answers to common questions about Noah Kahan’s highly anticipated 2024 tour, providing essential details for fans looking to participate in his upcoming live shows.

Where can I find tickets for the Noah Kahan 2024 tour?

Tickets for the Noah Kahan 2024 tour are available through various online ticket platforms. For a straightforward purchase, you can visit SeatGeek for Noah Kahan tickets.

What are the dates for Noah Kahan’s ‘We’ll All Be Here Forever’ tour?

The full schedule of dates for the ‘We’ll All Be Here Forever’ tour has been updated on Noah Kahan’s official tour page, with details on venues and cities.

How can I buy Noah Kahan merch?

Merchandise for Noah Kahan, including clothing, accessories, and more, is available on his official merchandise store.

What cities will Noah Kahan be visiting on his 2024 tour?

Noah Kahan will visit numerous cities across different countries. You can find the comprehensive list of cities by checking the schedule on his official tour page.

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